Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Canada day

I slept very late and awoke rested in the Vanderhoof motel. The parking lot was empty and owner doing the administrative chores was probably anxious of me leaving so he can also clean my room. And it is Canada day! Setting off for the trip south I committed to avoid Edmonton and the Saskatchewan prairies. The only alternative – taking through the Jasper – Banff parks and Ice fields parkway with which I was already familiar from having travelled through it last year.

I made the decision and set course to arrive in Jasper hoping to find a room for the night.

Arriving in Prince George it was time for lunch.

Continuing towards Jasper

I get a free pass being that it’s Canada day

And ride on to Jasper

But as the town is full , I find no accommodations, hence I continue on the Ice fields parkway pursuing the less desirable to me at the time, camping alternative

Turns out even campgrounds were fully booked, but thanks to a friendly Canadian park ranger they find and reserve me to only spot left some way down the parkway.

After some U turns and several tries I eventually find the campground and my reserved spot, where I am welcomed by a group of young guys having beers and fun. I stay late into the night with them exchanging life stories and thoroughly celebrating Canada’s national day.

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